Jun 17, 2010

ദൈവഭയം ....

തോഴുകൈയ്യോടന്നവന്‍ ,
അന്തിത്തിരിയെരിയും നേരം . 
കരിങ്കല്‍ ചാരി നില്‍കും ,
ത്രിശൂലം കാണവേ....

Jun 14, 2010

Homo sapien...

 The man stepped out,into the dim-lit corridor.His face puckered in a frail attempt to dam in the relish.Yeah, he laughed then,muted laughs,at the foolishness of the girls these days.He laughed ,ignoring the dense stench of fresh lacquer, emanating from the aesthetic doors of the luxury blended hotel.


Leave him not EDUCATE him...

Now this is real bullshit.I am not going to bawl about painful studies or stolen games, but I ll type out some dry and serious  stuffs off my mind.

You have been warned.

Education as it should be is now basic part of an Indian's life, but it shouldn't turn out to be a demon, crushing his taste buds, to taste no other sweetness.Its more of a "freedom to obey" as they say.The "earlier the better" ideology has proven itself not to be wrong but to
be fatal.Our education systems runs a bit too fast and this high pace system has got a few,nasty pit-falls.

Firstly,the fast pace, seriously detriments a students freedom of thought.A kid taught of gravity in LKG couldn't dream of flying apples(i know its taking it a cut higher ,still...).Or it doesn't let him/her to chalk their own explanations and theories of what the experience around.Their creativity is so hindered.The more laws you learn ,less free you are.May be this is why we were blessed with "the Albert Einstein".

"The foundations of

Pesticide Terrorism

Pesticide Terrorism